Sunday, March 21, 2004

1 American Thunder

The special premiere issue of American Thunder;, March 2004, welcomes readers with an unsigned article that concludes, "Gentlemen, start your engines!" It gets the number one slot here because I just bought it a few days ago, and it was the inspiration to start this blog.

It seems, at first glance and read, to be about stock cars, the drivers and the fans. However, because it is a March issue, there is an article titled, "Into the madness" with a photo of basketball players in a small window on the cover.
"American Thunder is for you: the man who is as devoted to your way of life as you are to racing. Covering everything from hunting and fishing to music and the military, American Thunder helps you make the most of your weekend."
They also throw in family time, latest tools, backyard accessories, home-entertainment systems, camping, technology, and homeowner instruction projects. See? It is Martha in drag car racing. You almost get weepy and want to salute the flag as the editor concludes:
You work hard to support your family and take pride in your work, just as your father did before you and NASCAR drivers do today. Your loyalty--to your driver, your church, your family and your friends--is unshakable. Your values have a nation in America and a magazine in American Thunder.
The focus is definitely the NASCAR fan, but with token articles on home repair, basketball, motorcycles, and raising up boys, it broadens the base just a bit.

American Thunder
March 2004, Special Premiere Issue, Vol.1,no.1
ISSN 1548-1816
Subject: Men's Interests
publication schedule 10 times a year
American Content LLC
555 California St.,
San Francisco, CA 94104
$4.99 single; $27.97 one year
Editor in Chief: Lucas Mast
President and Publisher: Val Landi

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At 3:08 PM, November 27, 2012 , Blogger Norma said...

"In the first mail drop, two annual subscription prices were tested: $27.97 and $17.97. There was no difference in response, so $27.97 was chosen as the final annual price."


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