Saturday, March 11, 2006

42 C-BUS Magazine

When I picked up C-BUS at Caribou this morning, I thought I was just going to check out what was going on in town, and then noticed it was a Premiere Issue!

Derek Grosso, the Publisher and Editor of C-BUS and CEO of 206 Publishing, and Patrick Preston, Principal of 206 Publishing say it was like being a first time parent, starting a magazine from scratch. C-BUS is just a faster way to say Columbus, although I've been here since 1967 and I've never heard that nickname. Clumbus, yes. It apparently means Connecting Columbus and is a magazine to connect the young professionals and adults on the edge of greatness. The new and the unknown.

So they've featured a 22 year old who has borrowed $500,000 to start a restaurant in the university Gateway district using a plan he developed in a marketing class. Of course, his parents put their house up as collateral for a Small Business loan. (How do poor kids get loans to start a business?). There's a lunch time interview with some 20-somethings on "relationships." Suggestions for a good date in Columbus: ranged from a small quiet lounge, to BW3's for beer and wings, to something fun like miniature golf. But there was a longer article on the top 5 romantic and fun dates in Columbus. I don't think anyone would rush in for their suggestions which ranged from ice cream at North Market to the palm collection at the Franklin Park Conservatory. Sage advice in a Spring training article--"calories in must be less than calories out." Cool jobs featured Abercrombie & Fitch employees who can wear flip-flops to work. Are these the folks with the near naked catalogs? The cover story was on the Columbus Crew, The Columbus Blue Jackets and the Columbus Destroyers, which I think is soccer, hockey and football.

I always want my premiere issues to succeed, but I don't know, this is awfully light weight. It doesn't even have a bricks and mortar address.

C-BUS Magazine
Spring 2006 Issue, Premiere
ISBN: na
Subject: Columbus OH
Publication schedule: quarterly
206 Publishing LLC
P.O. Box 2423, Columbus, OH 43216
One copy free, additional copies $2.95 each
Free subscription with qualifications
Publisher and Editor: Derek Grosso
Principal: Patrick Preston


At 9:42 PM, September 17, 2006 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Patrick Preston is my Stepson. Norma was showing me her blog and sharing her collection of first issues. As she was scrolling down there appeared my stepson's first edition. What a small world!!!


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