Sunday, March 28, 2004

14 Discover Horses

So I take a chance here and declare Discover Horses a first issue magazine, published by American Horse Shows Association and Fleet Street Publishing Corporation. The President of the association, Jane F. Clark writes
“this special guide features the writing, photographs, illustrations and expertise of a host of to-notch equestrian publications, organizations and individuals committed to horses. They enthusiastically answered our call for material that would serve as a warm introduction to the world of horses.”
There is a special relationship between women/girls and horses. (I know about this from personal experience--I wanted a horse all my life--13 years--until I actually owned one and had to pay for its upkeep.) This is one of the few magazines I’ve seen where the president, executive director, executive editor, editor, the publisher president, executive vice president, editorial director and almost all the staff and writers are women. Of the twenty contributers--writers and photographers--five are men. Wendy Carlson contributed an “Adventures in the Saddle” article with her own photography--and most of her subjects are women. Equine artist Victoria Von Kap-Herr has a clever article on outfitting the horse and rider, all with paper doll illustrations.

Discover Horses
1995, Volume 1
ISSN (na)
Subject: Horses
Publication schedule not announced
American Horse Shows Association
220 East 42nd Street
New York, NY 10017
Fleet Street Publishing Corporation
656 Quince Orchard Road
Gaithersburg, MD 20878
President (AHSA): Jane Forbes Clark
Executive Editor: Mary Kay Kinnish
Publisher president: Ami Shinitzky

13 Who Owns What

I have in my hand a journal for children about horses, Discover Horses, Volume 1, 1995. The problem is, I can’t be sure it is a first issue of an on going magazine, or just a guide or a special issue. The colophon says Fleet Street Publishing Corporation, publisher of Equus and Dressage Today, both known to me from my days as a librarian in veterinary medicine. So I google. Primedia comes up with a equine series by that name.

Does Primedia own everything, I wonder? Not exactly, but a lot. Check out Who Owns What at the Columbia Journalism Review. Type Equus or Dressage Today in the search window and up comes Primedia. Or on the main page, click on Primedia for a huge list of special interest magazines, automotive, sports, crafts, outdoors, equine, history, and even Primedia also owns Folio, the magazine about magazines.

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