Friday, March 26, 2004

6 Builders Exchange-The Magazine

Now for a change of pace. This is one of those magazines I mentioned didn't come from a news stand--it came through our mail slot because my husband is an architect. I've checked on-line to see if Builders Exchange (the organization) is national, but I've only been able to find regional groups, and the Northeast Ohio BX created this very good looking "Premier issue" for December 2002.

Regardless of region, BX brings together segments of the construction industry to discuss problems and exchange ideas. Gregg Mazurek, the Executive Director of Northwest Ohio writes:
"Within these pages, we will explore all facets of the construction process including pre-design, the bidding phase, construction and finishing. Project profiles will showcase the talents of both the design community and the craftsmen, themselves. Along the way we will meet the people who create our monuments, present the new ideas that feed this industry and discuss the issues that affect all of us. . ."
The handsome journal actually has two "covers." The first enfolds the entire physical piece and is a reproduction of the beautiful penmanship from the Director's Meeting, December 7, 1887, lightly screened over a photo of the doors of the BX building in Cleveland built in 1915. The words "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow" bleed through the penmanship.

The cover story written by Christy Paxton, Editor-in-Chief, on p. 33 is a look at the organization's 115 years history (beginning under a different name). She looks for ideas that tie the 21st century with the 19th and finds it here in the archives:

"Marconi is perfecting his wireless telegraphy; Dr. Crile has discovered a means of 'Raising the Dead;' a New York physician has found something that will cure blood poisoning; the Monroe Doctrine still stands, and it would appear from late advices from Colombia that we are to have a canal at last. Now, if someone will only step forward and explain how to exist with 1903 prices on an 1893 salary, we shall feel greatly indebted."
Another interesting historical article is about The Dunham Tavern at 6709 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, by Richard Tibbs, staff writer. The Dunham Tavern is believed to be the oldest building in Cleveland still standing on its original foundation. Because this is a builder's magazine, the article includes side bars of drawings for remodeling over the years and details of the various groups and individuals that have saved the building during its 180 year history, and a brief history of lath and plaster, something you won't find just any place.

Builders Exchange-The Magazine
December 2002, Premier issue, Vol.1/Issue 1
ISSN (na)
Subject: Trade/membership
Publication schedule monthly
Sabre Publishing Group
3 Berea Commons, Suite One
Berea, OH 44017
Builders Exchange Inc.
981 Keynote Circle, Suite One
Cleveland, OH 44131 (then)
$7.50 single: $40 annual with membership; $60 annual non-member
Executive Director: Gregg Mazurek
Publisher: Keith Dunbar
Editor-in-Chief: Christy Paxton


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