Wednesday, March 24, 2004

3 Maxim Fashion

Greg Williams, in his “Editor’s Note” in the Premiere Issue, Spring 2001, reports that
“You’re not an average man. You know the difference between right and wrong. You know about quality, taste, and style. . . .To make your life better you’ve purchased this magazine. We’re happy about that. . . Clothes are a good thing and a fine subject for a magazine. When you wear nice things you feel happy and when you’re happy you’re a better person.”
As new journal announcements go, it is pretty tame and not too promising with a whistling in the dark through the grave yard attitude--he mentions the chilling economy (planned in 2000, birthed in Spring 2001). But the journal succeeded and is in its fourth year.

The issue features a cover article on Christian Bale, who performs in high-concept film roles, “America’s most stylish man,” (he’s Welsh) who appears here in a $1500 suit, a $500 shirt and $400 shoes. There is an article that dresses up the We-G-Boyz in outrageous clothing, which I would have guessed came from a dumpster--but in reading the small print I see that the cowskin suit was $7,000 and the python shoes about $700. An article about surfer/beach boys in Hawaii has them all attired in $100 floral shirts. But not to worry. The photography is so odd, murky and dark, you can’t see most of the clothes anyway.

The current web site claims “. . . Maxim Fashion is the leading men’s magazine in America dedicated to style and the very best in men’s fashion across the globe. Sophisticated, glamorous, smart, and authoritative, Maxim Fashion is published in a luxury format that reflects its dedication to beautiful photography, sophisticated design, and high-end living.”

I think this journal is “queer eye for the not-so-straight guys.” Even in New York and LA, I seriously doubt there are straight men who would dress like this. In Columbus, Ohio they’d be laughed out of town.

Maxim Fashion
Spring 2001, Premiere Issue, Vol.1,no.1
ISSN 1474-5755 [supplied]
Subject: Clothing--Men’s
Publication schedule twice a year
Dennis Publishing
1040 Avenue of the Americas
14th Floor
New York, NY 10018
$4.99 single:
Editor in chief: Greg Williams
Chairman: Felix Dennis

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