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15 Angus Journal

In the 1970s I was the Agricultural Economics Bibliographer in the Agriculture Library, The Ohio State University. In those days things were so simple, I’m not sure we were required to use “The” before pronouncing Ohio! The library has a long name now I can’t even remember. One of the genres of agriculture literature that library didn’t include in its collection policy then was “breed journals” and “herd books.” The library would need to be double the size.

At some point, the volume 1, number 1 of Angus Journal, July 1979, came into my hands. Why an Angus Journal? From a speech given by Mike Sweet to the Board of Directors and staff of the American Angus Association in March 1979 we learn the reason goes back to the very first magazine published in this country, American Magazine, A Monthly Review of the Political State of the British Colonies, February 13, 1741. Mr. Sweet also referred to the Continental Congress, where instead of flipping a coin to see who would tell King George what they had in mind, the founders wrote it down, “the best editorial I have ever read.“ .
“. . .they had to write it down on paper and sign it. They had to communicate via the written word. There was no misunderstanding their intent, reasons, purpose or goals. . . Gentlemen, a few short weeks ago we weren’t magazine publishers and now we is. And we have an awesome responsibility. What are we going to do with the Journal?. . . It is an entirely revolutionary idea in the livestock industry for a magazine to give the reader and the advertiser his money’s worth. . . the first issue of the association-owned Angus Journal [will have to be] a Cadillac publication. . .our own self-portrait, in living color.
Frank C. Murphy seems to be the premier illustrator of Angus cattle, and one of his bulls appears on the cover. You can download his art of Angus cattle and calves as clip art at a special web site which includes a screen saver. The first, bull with head turned to the right, is a black and white of this issue's cover.

This is not a true first issue, the association had purchased the superseded (as of vol. 60, 1979) Aberdeen-Angus Journal (0001-3161) from the publisher. The web site says

The Angus Journal is our flagship publication. Started in 1919, it was purchased in July 1979 by the Association. With a mailed circulation of more than 16,000, the award-winning monthly magazine serves as the breed's official publication and the voice of the Angus industry. Through the Angus Journal, we strive to serve all members of the Association -- be they breed founders or new members, owners of two-cow herds or owners of 2,000.
Angus Journal
July 1979, Vol.1,No.1, Charter issue
ISSN: 0194-9543 (supplied)
Subject: Agriculture--Livestock
Publication schedule, monthly
Angus Productions, Inc.
Frederick & Brookside
St. Joseph, MO 64501
$1.50; $7.50/year
General Manager/Editor: Mike Sweet
Associate editors: Linda Wells, Ann Gooding

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