Wednesday, May 23, 2007

48 Healthy Life

is dedicted to providing the reader in central Ohio "with relevant information about fitness, beauty and medicine" according to publisher/editor-in-chief Jane W. Peters. The first issue was a freebie in April and I personally know the handsome young doctor on the cover. The first article "Botox; the fountain of youth" carries her by-line. Dr. Soto is an internist with a specialty in "anti-aging medicine and cosmetic treatments." She also is a consultant for Sinclair Broadcasting and you can often see her during the Tuesday evening news. This is followed by an article on healthy eating in restaurants, how to slow down the aging look with proper skin care and chemical peels, how to experience "extreme pampering" at a spa, the importance of daily consistent exercise, and an article on early onset Alzheimer's Disease. It's very thin on content and advertising, but with the right marketers, it has a focus in an area with a lot of interest.

Healthy Life
[Premiere Issue] Complimentary Copy, April 2007
ISSN: na
Publication schedule: na
Subject: fitness, health, Columbus, Ohio
Healthy Life Publishing Company
794 Northwest Blvd.
Columbus, OH 43212
no information on cost or subscription
no website information
Editor-in-chief: Jane W. Peters
Publisher: Jane W. Peters

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