Wednesday, May 23, 2007

49 Salon City

When is a Premiere Issue not? "This is our premiere issue. We've actually been sold on newsstands in Hollywood for six years—but now we're coming to you in an all-new look with an even sharper editorial focus. To us, it is a premiere issue in more ways than one." So when you open it, the table of contents page says Volume 7, issue 1, which ought to confuse the cataloguers. The subscription page says, "Salon City attracts a unique audience of over a million influential readers. . . its mission is to celebrate beauty, truth and goodness by publishing stories that elevate the image of people everywhere.

What's new in truth and goodness?
    metallic shoes made from recycled tin cans

    pink, purple, yellow, orange, blue-violet eye shadow

    Parfum bottle shaped like a woman--rum essence, vanilla orchid, bourbon, etc.

    Stars donating to amfAR--their own portraits

    Sara Paxton, 18, who's not afraid of challenges, is hot and down to earth, of course

    The next top model

    How to look natural with blushes, moisturizers, sunscreen, hair extensions. . .

    Confessions of various someones who moved to the South

    including Jaime Pressly, the girl on the cover, who was born in NC, is pregnant and unmarried as of press time, but known as a savvy businesswoman who knows who she is (I don't)
Whew! Did we need another vacuous woman's magazine on face, fashion and frivolity?

Salon City
Premiere Issue, April 2007, national edition
issn: 1532-9380
$3.99 US, $4.99 Canada
$12 a year, subscription for 12 issues, plus $4 postage and handling
Subject: entertainment industry, fashion, image
Salon City Star
PO Box 2385
Beverly Hills, CA 90213
advertising & editorial,
Editor: Steven G. Casciola
Publisher: Steven G. Casciola
Creative editor: Annie Casciola

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At 11:35 AM, September 25, 2007 , Blogger Unemployed Librarian said...


We have not published the comments you submitted to New Librarians for Better Job Prospects because, well, you are not a new librarian searching for better job prospects.

I'm not sure why you read our blog and offer your comments, however we would be happy to have a dialog with you if we could work together to advance our goals AND whatever goals you have.

At 6:57 PM, September 25, 2007 , Blogger Norma said...

I must have missed that part of your blog--don't comment if you are not a new librarian.


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