Monday, December 29, 2008

MPLC Connection

This newsletter is intended to keep the library boosters of the Marblehead, Ohio area informed about the progress of their library. Volume 1, issue 1 came out in Fall 2005 and reported that they had a building, the 1914 quarry hospital building in downtown Marblehead. Also there was an update on the book shop, Ex Libris in the Kukay building.

Although I can't find an article about it on the web, I think the original plans for the hospital building fell through due to remodeling and safety costs, and the Ex Libris book shop has since moved to a house and they are now loaning books. The organization has a web site, and is still raising funds for a library building. This grass roots effort on the part of volunteers is the way many communities started their public libraries.

MPLC Connection
Fall 2005 Volume 1, Issue 1
Marblehead Peninsula Library Committee
Subject: libraries, membership
Frequency: unknown
Published by: The Committee
Address: P.O. Box 74
Marblehead, Ohio
Membership Individual $5, Family $10, Bookworm $25, Book Lover $50, Book Collector $100
President Lorrie Halblaub [from Port Clinton News Herald]

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