Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Quick Cooking

Taste of Home's Quick Cooking appears to have two Premiere Issues, both published in 1998. The covers are different, but the only content that is different is that one is Premiere Issue 1998 (3) and the other is Premiere Collector's Issue 1998 (5); the pagination and recipes are identical.

I'm guessing the one on the left was first, because its price is $2.99; the other is $3.95. I picked them up at the library sale for 50 cents, but wouldn't you be mad if you bought the second one on the basis of the cover and discovered you'd just paid for one you already had?

"Almost from the day we began publishing Taste of Home bimonthly, its readers began pleading with us to publish another cooking magazine on the months "in between" each issue. . . so they could receive this practical kind of food magazine monthly. . . Finally we s=responded, with the Premiere Issue you're now reading. . . The main difference is that Quick Cooking puts a huge premium on time. It's aimed at families where busy parents return home after a stressful day at work and want to put a good meal on the table fast."

I think I just might try that peach cake on p. 22 (see cover on the left above). Based on the publisher's web page, this title has been changed to Simple and Delicious.

Taste of Home's Quick Cooking; rapid recipes with homemade taste
Premiere Edition 1998 and Premiere Collector's Issue 1998
ISSN: 1099-632X (supplied)
Canadian GST No. R123204331
Subject: Cooking, recipes
Publication schedule, bimonthly
Reiman Publications
5400 S. 60th St.
Greendale WI 53129-1404
$2.99 for Premiere Issue; $3.95 for Premiere Collector's Issue
Subscription $17.98/year; $29.98 for 2 years
Executive editor: Kathy Pohl
Food Editor: Coleen Martin
Publisher: Roy Reiman

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At 1:39 PM, December 28, 2011 , Blogger Randi McIntyre said...

I found my mom's copy of the premiere issue. Do you think it's worth anything other than sentimental value?


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