Monday, December 29, 2008

Cooking for 2

We've set a table for two. The editors of Taste of Home "have been hearing the same request over and over from readers. Could you give us more recipes that serve only two people. . . Why not publish a new cooking magazine devoted solely to delicious small-scale recipes?" When this Premiere Issue c2004 appeared on newstands the winter of 2005, (display until February 28, 2005, next issue March 1, 2005) Reiman Media was already publishing Taste of Home, Quick Cooking and Light & Tasty.

In addition to lip-smacking good recipes, the issue includes a reference page on reducing ingredients by 1/2 or 1/3, shopping for two tips, and good web sites.

Taste of Home's Cooking for 2
Premiere Issue Winter 2005
ISSN: na
Canadian GST No. 876052820RT
Subject: Cooking, recipes
Publication schedule, quarterly
Reiman Media Group
5400 S. 60th St.
Greendale WI 53129-1404
$3.99 for Premiere Issue, $4.99 Canada
Subscription $19.96/year; $29.98 for 2 years; $39.98 for 3 years; specials on insert cards, $9.98/year
Executive editor: Kathy Pohl
Food Editor: Janaan Cuningham
Chairman and Founder: Roy Reiman

The Reiman Media Group web page reports: "Reiman Publications was started in 1965 by Roy Reiman in the basement of his Hales Corners, Wisconsin home. Today, the Reiman Publications family of companies (located in Greendale, Wisconsin) employs over 500 people in full-time and part-time positions including Editorial, Print Production Scheduling, Circulation Marketing, Prepress and Country Store. Affiliated companies include World Wide Country Tours, LLC, Homemaker Schools and Reiman Advertising and Promotion (RAP).

We publish 13 national magazines, many of which have a rural focus, plus a variety of cookbooks and "coffee-table" books."

It was announced in 2002 that Reader’s Digest Association Inc acquired Reiman Publications LLC for US$760 million cash, and also completed US$950 million in syndicated financing that was partially used to fund the Reiman purchase. Link. Initially, there was little change in the folksy format or style, but the most recent Taste of Home I saw looked like any other recipe magazine, including lots of ads and coupons.

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