Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Garage Slab

One morning the coffee machine wasn't working at Panera's so I went down the street to Caribou, and noticed a stack of magazines, The Garage Slab for Fall 2009. They weren't first issues, but since I'd never seen one, I picked it up (free). I had written a number of blogs on the garages of Lakeside, and this actually had a photo of one of them. I really enjoyed my copy, went back to get another, but they were all gone. So I e-mailed the editor and blogged about the one I had. The editors were appreciative of my praise and last week brought over a stack for me to give away, and also brought me a premiere issue (although it first appeared as a newsletter). If you have a thing for garages, or live with someone who is a bit obsessive about his tools, cars, hoses, etc., then this is for you.

According to Pete's write up in the first issue, this is a rebirth/reissue of a "thank-you" newsletter he started in 2001 after a garage-warming party. He published it for 2 years until their day jobs took them away and Pete "pulled the garage door down and turned out the light." In 2009 the old crew decided to bring The Slab back to life with a new look and numbering system. If you have some great photos, a nifty garage or and important story, check it out with Pete or Ryan, editor@the

The Garage Slab
April 2009, Volume 1 Issue 1
Continues/resurrects The Garage Slab [newsletter, ca. 2001]
Status: Subscription and/or free circ
Subject: garages, architecture, popular culture, entertainment, automobiles
Publication schedule: quarterly
Published by: Greasy Shirt Publishing, LLC
Address: 2414 East Main Street
Bexley, Ohio 43209
614-327-8706 (for advertising)
The Garage Slab
$12.95 for four issues
Editor: Pete Foster
Web/Layout Designer: Bob Durrant
Business Development Managers: Ryan Hill, Mike Gast
Contributing Editor: Patrick Hayden

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