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Tracings was the official newsletter of the Ohio State University Libraries from 1986-1990. Its theme was "bringing together the University Libraries and the academic community," and its aim was to be both informative and instructive. The first issue had an update from Director William J. Studer on the collection, the archives, preservation, automation, user education and a plan for expanded physical facilities. Jill B. Fatzer, Assistant Director, explained the Main Library reorganization. Brief articles expanded on some of these topics, including a story about preservation by Sally Sims which included a photo of Wes Boomgaarden and Harry Campbell, whom I just saw last Thursday in a tour of the new Technical Services Building on Kinnear Road. Noelle Van Pulis submitted an article on "direct access to LCS" from home and office, which was quite innovative then. Soon, books will be the unusual item in libraries.
Winter 1986, Volume 1, Issue 1
Status: newsletter, free
Frequency: 3x academic year--January, May, October
Subject: The Ohio State University Libraries, library staff, Collections
Published by: The Ohio State University Libraries
Address: 200 Main Library, 1858 Neil Avenue Mall, Columbus, Ohio 43210-1286
Editor: Robert Thorson
Staff: Mary-Beth Bunge and Sally R. Sims

OSUL has 2 copies, in Thompson, and in Archives. Permanent link.
According to the record, Tracings ended in 1990.

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