Monday, July 25, 2011

Food City

Although I've resolved to no longer add to my collection of first issue serials, I found a freebie yesterday at Caribou, which if you are from Columbus, you might pick up: Food City from 614 magazine. It's a biannual, I think. I thought it would imitate Edible Columbus, also a relatively new magazine, but there's more emphasis on restaurants.

The first issue features four chefs, including Cameron Mitchell who went to Upper Arlington high school when my kids were there in the 80s, and always has an interesting tale on achieving your dreams. The issue I have includes 41 full page menus of local restaurants, in case you're bored with the usual stops....

Found some interesting food thoughts, like Elvis pie--peanut butter, chocolate and bananas. I used to make something like Elvis pie (not as pretty as their photo) but decided I liked it better without the bananas which always got a bit soggy.

Kimberly Stolz, the Managing Editor and one of the writers, must have a great job, because she tastes what she writes about. Also, I see that if you keep your blog focused (I don’t) you can get a real writing gig like “Breakfast with Nick.”

"Welcome to Food City, a biannual offering from (614) Magazine that celebrates all Columbus has to offer in the realm of repasts and restaurants, recipes and recommendations." Kimberly Stolz

Food City Columbus
Issue 1, [Summer 2011]
issn: na
Price: Free
subscription price: na
frequency: biannual
Subject: restaurants--Columbus, Ohio
Publisher: (614) Media Group
458 E. Main St.
Columbus, OH 43215
Wayne T. Lewis and Clark Gaines, publishers
Managing Editor: Kimberly Stolz
Editorial Director: Travis Hoewischer
Copyright by Lewis & Clark Media LLC

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