Friday, June 10, 2005

38 Domino; the shopping magazine for your home

Deborah Needleman, the editor in chief of the new Domino (Spring/Summer 2005 Premiere Issue), says she is constantly rearranging her furniture and reading home magazines, but was always looking for a way to hook up with the things she saw an admired--like Lucky, the shopping magazine does. Now she edits such a magazine for the home. If you see something you like in her magazine, she’ll tell you what else looks good with it and where to buy it. For instance, take the flower, allium, an ornamental bulb flower that blooms in the spring. The page that features the flower, also shows a pillow, paper plates, woven ribbon, vases, a table lamp and an art print that use that shape; a rope theme includes a lounge chair, an ottoman, a dining room chair, a Hookah lamp, a photo of sisal twine, ceramic cups with rush handles and a rattan sofa. Clever, huh? You could spend days or months tracking down like minded motifs, but Domino has done the heavy lifting for you. All you need is your credit card and the internet.

Flipping through, I see a lot of glue-gun ideas; retro numbers, colors and shapes from the 1970s; some really sweet ideas for showers, hostess gifts, and displaying small items; some great, but not complicated, recipes; and terrific ads in keeping with the overall look of the magazine. I grew up in homes with radiators, but had no idea you could still buy attractive ones. This is such an educational hobby! I saw only one really ugly article--the photos all looked like they were from the set of Dharma and Greg. This issue included cute little stickers to put on the pages of interest, and punch out cards for cheat sheets.

Spring/Summer 2005, Premiere Issue, Volume 1, No.1
ISSN 1554-7361
Subject: Home décor; Shopping
Publication schedule: Five times a year, May/June, September, October, November, December
Conde Nast Publications, division of Advance Magazine Publishers, Inc.
Conde Nast Building
4 Times Square
New York, NY 10036
$3.50 single; $12.00 for 12 issues; 24 issues for $20.00 (charter)
Editor in Chief: Deborah Needleman
Vice President and Publisher: Beth Fuchs Brenner