Sunday, September 10, 2006

44 Hallmark Magazine

The premiere issue of Hallmark Magazine, September/October 2006, Vol. 1, no.1, was given to me by my friend Bev, who loves to surprise people with little personal gifts, knowing I collect premiere issues. It will have strong ties to its products and expects to have 550,000 out there for the next issue via newstands, subscriptions, and Gold Crown stores. Hallmark Cards is based in Kansas City, but the publishing will be out of New York. There are many delightful articles in this beautifully designed magazine, but when I got to the end there was an excerpt from Alice McDermott's new novel, After This, with soft watercolor illustrations. Such a pleasure to see fiction in a woman's magazine.

It is divided into secions: Inspire; Renew; Nest; Connect; and Nourish, each with a beautiful graphic and quote. Too early (or late): "If you catch a falling leaf on the first day of autumn (September 23), you won't catch a cold all winter." I already have a bad cold. The obligatory beauty secrets, but a slightly different outdoorsy article on pretty kayaks, a Martha-type article on decorating with leaves and twigs for fall. One of the most interesting articles was on collecting post cards of your growing up area as a way to preserve memories. Don't think I've seen that one outside of a genealogy magazine. A number of the writers featured in this issue aren't the usual free-lancers, but authors of books either recently published or about to be. It's a strong platform for women writers.

The Editor-in-Chief, Lisa Benenson, writes on p.11: "For almost a century, we at Hallmark have been committed to helping people appreciate life's best moments. That's why, in the months and years to come, I hope you'll pick up Hallmark Magazine and find resouces for making the most of all the joyful chaos in your own life--stories that inspire you, and ideas that you want to make your own."

Hallmark Magazine
Premiere Issue, Volume 1, number 1, September/October 2006
ISSN: na
Publication schedule: 6 times a year with occasional special issues
Subject: Life style, Hallmark products, women
Hallmark Publishing
1412 Broadway, Suite 2010
New York, NY 10018
$3.95; intro rate 10 issues @ $1.99 ea.; $36.50 a year outside USA
Editor-in-Chief: Lisa Benenson
Publisher: Carol Campbell Boggs
Hallmark Publishing President: Nancy O. Small
Hallmark Cards, Inc. President & CEO: Don Hall

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