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Homegrown Hospitality

Don't get attached. It's already changed its title and frequency, and it just came out in summer 2007. Originally intended as a special issue for Paper Crafts (no details on frequency), it is now a quarterly called Home and Heart.

Scrap/craft blogger Julia Stanton writes at her blog:
    "Originally called Homegrown Hospitality for its premiere issue, the name has been changed to Home and Heart. This magazine is their second issue and is published quarterly. I had to tell you…this magazine has its own unique beautiful style. Home and Heart is a perfect title for it. Gorgeous photo spreads, recipes, ideas, tips and hand crafted designs have had me going through the magazine all weekend. While this publication has supply lists published at the back of the magazine, this publication is much more about inspiration than another how-to crafting magazine. I’m LOVING the fresh approach! Home is definitely where the heart is."
Artist Stephanie Ackerman has a blog by this name--don't know how that affected the title of the magazine. She writes the letter to the readers of the premiere issue, saying she's a busy person with scrapbooking, doodling, baking, laundry, etc.:
    "The following pages are a collection of ideas, projects thoughts, moments, and memories all with the intention of promoting the lost art of creating a home sweet home."

    You'll see how I spark my creativity, get inspired, and simplify, so that I can find the time to do the things that really matter--he small things that give big returns when it comes to making life's moments memorable. Here you'll find just the good stuff--the simple things you already know, you just forgoet to remember."
I realize everyone has time to do what they enjoy--like blogging, or golf, or tennis, or committee work. But I find it hard to imagine that crafting memories is a "lost art" because I see dozens of magazines devoted to this on every newsstand. When my children were young, the craft ideas were all for them. The women I knew (most hadn't gone back to work yet) knitted, cross-stitched, sewed, baked and organized their neighbors for various good causes--I just don't recall so much emphasis on crafts--although there was in my grandmothers' day, whose magazines were filled with craft and quilting projects.

This issue has features on Family--preserving or starting traditions; Friends--ideas for get togethers and special occasions; Home--quick and creative ideas for organizing and decor. An adorable idea for a bread wrap (for a gift) on p. 52; soup recipe sharing on p. 46.

Here's the new title and cover--on newstands in mid-March--Home and Heart. Submissions for August have closed, but it will be about holidays, I think. They probably won't use the word "Christmas" but I'm guessing that will be one of the traditions featured.

Homegrown Hospitality
June/July 2007(?), Premiere Issue
ISBN 1-933516-60 7; ISSN 0148-9127 (Paper Crafts Magazine special issue)
Subject: Crafts, paper, home decor, recipes
Publication schedule: na
CK Media, LLC.
14850 Pony Express Rd
Bluffdale, Utah 84065
212-448-4573, 801-984-2080
$5.99 single; no subscription information
Chief Executive officer CK Media: David O'Neil
Editor-in-Chief: Stacy Croninger
Artist: Stephanie Ackerman
See Stephanie's blog for more information

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