Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Boho; a new American spirit

Gina La Morte (The Style Doctor), the editor-in-chief and publisher writes in her first issue welcome, "I created this magazine to inspire girls like you and help you realize that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. . . Caring for our Earth and being a fashionista are not mutually exclusive. Going green isn't about a trend, it's about a genuine concern for our Earth. . .Being a boho is all about enjoying the eclectic mix of things you love in life while still wanting to make a difference in the world around you."

In an interview with DM News she expanded on just how old the readership of the eco-eager magazine will be, because I was thinking it was high school age.
    "Though college-age women are an important demographic for the magazine, it is not “putting [itself] in a box” with its targeting, La Morte insisted.

    “Younger women seem to be most interested, but that's not to say we're not talking to 30-something women,” she continued. “For us, the girl is freethinking, radical and wants to be a role model. She loves fashion, but also loves giving back and recognizes that she can love the fashionable things in life, girly things, but is also concerned about her neighbors.”
First, let me say, this is an extremely handsome magazine. The paper is recycled, the colors a bit retro (1970s) for my taste, but it is easy to read with a nice mix of type face, photos and drawings. La Morte has worked in the fashion business with and for many non-profits and foundations, and she must have called in a few markers for some full page ads.

Second, "going green" is not a trend, it is definitely mainstream, and it is quite lucrative. American businesses are falling in lock-step with the whole eco-friendly, save a tree, cap your carbon mentality. It is a huge bandwagon upon which they are all riding.

Even with the internet and the help of sites that track magazines, I'm not quite sure of the publisher, Seed Media. Could it be Seed Media Group that publishes science magazines like Seed? That seems a little unlikely, but perhaps the ecology link brought them together.

Although the reader is encouraged to express her own personal style and live the life she wants as a true bohemian, with increasing government hysteria over the climate and restrictive regulation of commerce, particularly those linked to the petroleum industry (just about every commodity in our everyday lives), there's little chance of that in a young woman's future. Unless she has lots of green. The folding stuff, that is.

Boho; a new American spirit
Fall 2008, Issue No.1
Status: Newstand
Subject: Fashion, environment
Publication schedule [monthly]
Published by: SEED Media
Address: NA
$4.99 single; subscribe online, 30% less than newstand
Editor in Chief/Publisher: Gina La Morte
Vice President: Glenn Wolski

website: See for subscription details

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