Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Lily; beautiful living through faith

If you bought a copy of Lily in Spring 2006, that would be two of us. I can't find any record that it existed, not in a news release or a demise story, although one of the columnists does list her article on her vita. I suspect the field--soft Christian with parenting advice, health tips, decorating and recipes, was just a bit over crowded. It sort of has that Oprahish, scrapbookish spiritual look.

"From the editor" by Wanda J. Ventling: "I, too, have a heart for God, and it has been my desire to create a widely available Christian-lifestyle magazine that meets both spiritual and practical needs since I wrote a business proposal for one in college.. I believe God planted this seed, and He has been faithful to bring an incredible group of people to nurture Lily's development." Ms. Ventling's name appears on several other Meredith publications as a writer or editor.

Articles written by well-known Christian authors such as James Dobson, Gary Smalley, Joyce Meyer; includes book and movie reviews.

One of the tips is in the lower left corner of the cover, "Meredith Specials." Sometimes these become magazines, sometimes not.

Lily; beautiful living through faith
Spring 2006, Premier Issue
Status: Newstand
Subject: Christian lifestyle, creativity, family, parenting, women
Publication schedule: quarterly
Published by: Meredith Corporation
Address: 1716 Locust Street, LN-218
DesMoines, IA 50309-3023
no website
$5.99 single
Editor: Wanda J. Ventling
Editorial Director: Gayle Goodson Butler
Chairman and CEO Meredith: William T. Kerr

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Monday, December 29, 2008

Where Women Create

Jo Packham started her publishing career at her kitchen table 30 years ago, developing her idea for cross-stitch publications. In January she joined forces with Kellene Giloff and Jenny Doh of Stampington & Company's Somerset Studio to develop a magazine about the studios and galleries of women who create. The first issue includes 11 women who have built businesses and communities around them.

"So you now hold in your hands one of my oldest, most treasured dreams and if you are a woman who creates, then this is your magazine; a thousand stories told from the hearts and hands of as many women. No matter what you make or what medium you use, this is your safe haven, this is a gallery to showcase your wares, a classroom to learn something new, a source of motivation, reassurance, and inspiration."

Whew! All I want is a few more bookshelves. I don't even have draperies, and my walls are beige with my husband's and my paintings. I can't even imagine working in these types of studios, but there ya go! Something for everyone!

Where Women Create; inspiring work spaces of extraordinary women
Winter 2008, Volume 1, number 1, Premier Issue
Status: Newstand
Subject: creativity, work spaces, studios, women
Publication schedule: quarterly
Published by: Stampington & Company
Address: 22992 Mill Creek, Suite B
Laguna Hills CA 92653
$14.99 single; subscription: 4 issues $59.99
Creator, President & Editor in Chief: Jo Packham
Publisher and President, Stampington & Co.: Kellene Giloff
Printer: Quebecor World, Midland, MI

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Cooking for 2

We've set a table for two. The editors of Taste of Home "have been hearing the same request over and over from readers. Could you give us more recipes that serve only two people. . . Why not publish a new cooking magazine devoted solely to delicious small-scale recipes?" When this Premiere Issue c2004 appeared on newstands the winter of 2005, (display until February 28, 2005, next issue March 1, 2005) Reiman Media was already publishing Taste of Home, Quick Cooking and Light & Tasty.

In addition to lip-smacking good recipes, the issue includes a reference page on reducing ingredients by 1/2 or 1/3, shopping for two tips, and good web sites.

Taste of Home's Cooking for 2
Premiere Issue Winter 2005
ISSN: na
Canadian GST No. 876052820RT
Subject: Cooking, recipes
Publication schedule, quarterly
Reiman Media Group
5400 S. 60th St.
Greendale WI 53129-1404
$3.99 for Premiere Issue, $4.99 Canada
Subscription $19.96/year; $29.98 for 2 years; $39.98 for 3 years; specials on insert cards, $9.98/year
Executive editor: Kathy Pohl
Food Editor: Janaan Cuningham
Chairman and Founder: Roy Reiman

The Reiman Media Group web page reports: "Reiman Publications was started in 1965 by Roy Reiman in the basement of his Hales Corners, Wisconsin home. Today, the Reiman Publications family of companies (located in Greendale, Wisconsin) employs over 500 people in full-time and part-time positions including Editorial, Print Production Scheduling, Circulation Marketing, Prepress and Country Store. Affiliated companies include World Wide Country Tours, LLC, Homemaker Schools and Reiman Advertising and Promotion (RAP).

We publish 13 national magazines, many of which have a rural focus, plus a variety of cookbooks and "coffee-table" books."

It was announced in 2002 that Reader’s Digest Association Inc acquired Reiman Publications LLC for US$760 million cash, and also completed US$950 million in syndicated financing that was partially used to fund the Reiman purchase. Link. Initially, there was little change in the folksy format or style, but the most recent Taste of Home I saw looked like any other recipe magazine, including lots of ads and coupons.

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MPLC Connection

This newsletter is intended to keep the library boosters of the Marblehead, Ohio area informed about the progress of their library. Volume 1, issue 1 came out in Fall 2005 and reported that they had a building, the 1914 quarry hospital building in downtown Marblehead. Also there was an update on the book shop, Ex Libris in the Kukay building.

Although I can't find an article about it on the web, I think the original plans for the hospital building fell through due to remodeling and safety costs, and the Ex Libris book shop has since moved to a house and they are now loaning books. The organization has a web site, and is still raising funds for a library building. This grass roots effort on the part of volunteers is the way many communities started their public libraries.

MPLC Connection
Fall 2005 Volume 1, Issue 1
Marblehead Peninsula Library Committee
Subject: libraries, membership
Frequency: unknown
Published by: The Committee
Address: P.O. Box 74
Marblehead, Ohio
Membership Individual $5, Family $10, Bookworm $25, Book Lover $50, Book Collector $100
President Lorrie Halblaub [from Port Clinton News Herald]

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