Saturday, October 21, 2006

45 Craft Magazine

$15 is a bit much for me to indulge in for a premiere issue, so I'll just refer you to Stacy Sews for a review of this one.

She writes: "Craft not only showcases 'famous' designers, such as Sublime Stitching's Jenny Hart but also the designs and creations from up-and-coming talents on the internet. Littered throughout the magazine are fun projects you can create on your own, such as a cute and cuddly Robot Amigurumi, making your own cider, and a DYI medieval armor - there are 23 projects in all. Additionally, there is plenty of eye candy - completed crafted items, fun tools and accessories, and various items from etsy shops."
Thanks, Stacy.

Carla Sinclair is editor-in-chief
Publisher: O'Reilly Media, Inc.
Web site: Craft Magazine
Newsstand price: $14.99
Subscription: $34.95/4 issues