Wednesday, January 09, 2008

50 Business 2.0

Usually this blog is about new and premiere issues, but Business 2.0 (October 2007) actually issued a "Collector's Item: Our Final Issue." I have the feeling from the content, that the staff didn't see it coming. There's a farewell photo, entitled, "So Long, 2.0, Blood, Sweat and Tears," and a letter from editor Josh Quittner. He writes that Business 2.0 was launched nearly a decade ago by Jim Daley and Chris Anderson to cover the "new economy." Time, Inc., its current parent, decided to close the magazine with Vol. 8, no. 9, October 2007. He says he'll be going to Fortune magazine with 9 others to staff a tech bureau in San Francisco that will help feed the magazine and its website. That looks like about 28 or so were out looking for jobs. Good luck, belatedly, guys.

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